AMJ Capital Partners Multifamily Acquisitions

Who We Are…What We Do

AMJ Capital Partners, LLC is a global provider of Investment and Internet Marketing Solutions for Business and Commercial Real Estate specializing in multifamily apartment building acquisitions…particularly those that are difficult to market, non-conforming or represent opportunities in distress.

We use advanced investment strategies and techniques to help our clients acquire income-producing commercial properties by jointly “partnering” on deals regardless of investment level experience.  We are recognized as “apartment turnaround specialists” in the distressed multifamily property market for Class A, B, & C properties.

 We are guided by and committed to three key principles that drive our organization to achieve client results that exceed expectations: We embrace Knowledge………..Vision……………Integrity to help us build valuable and trusted long-term relationships with our investor-clients and business partners.

We selectively target and qualify cash-flowing, low risk, high return investment opportunities in the distressed commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market.  Our goal is to work “collaboratively” as a “trusted advisor” to Individual & Hedge Fund Investors as well as International Buyers while providing high demand “value-added” skills & services that meet our clients unique commercial real estate investment challenges.